John Ford, UFO investigator and director of the Long Island UFO Network, has been a political prisoner of Suffolk County since 1996. The John Ford Initiative raises public awareness of the egregious abuses against him and his civil rights.

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Future Theater Welcomes John Ford
October 12, 2013

John Ford's Public Declaration

Originally written in 1997 by John Ford, including a summary from The Montauk Pulse in Part 1.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5(a)

Part 5(b)

John Ford's Contact Info

Write to John Ford

Mr. John Ford
140 Old Orangeburg Rd
Bldg 58 Unit 403
Orangeburg, NY 10962-1151
Call John Ford: (845) 680-5798

Rockland Psychiatric Center
140 Old Orangeburg Road
Orangeburg, NY 10962
Phone: (845) 359-1000
Fax: (845) 359-3143

John Ford's Attorney

Steven A. Metcalf II, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Criminal Defense Attorney
Online Profile

Metcalf & Metcalf, P.C.
11 Broadway, Suite 615
New York, NY 10004

Phone: (646) 253-0514
Fax: (646) 219-2012

A Special Thank You

With great appreciation, a special thank you to our donors from the John Ford Initiative.

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Rachel Cordes David Morton

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Marilyn & Richard Carlson Kelly Freeman

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Alfred Lehmberg

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The John Ford Initiative exists to educate and raise public awareness about the illegal and illegitimate imprisonment of LIUFON director and veteran UFO researcher John Ford, while raising money for his medical and legal expenses. The initiative promotes proactive ways in which our associates, advocates, supporters and sponsors can help us with the relief fund for John Ford's legal representation, attorney fees, court fees, and medical fees. To this end we have left the donation amount open to you which means you are in control of what you want to give.

Remember, whether it be $20, $500, or $2000, your donation is always appreciated as it greatly supports our key regional and international efforts to move in a forward motion with John Ford's legal representation, attorney fees, and medical fees. Feel free to click on the PayPal buttons on the left. Anything you can do here and now with respect to a donation or sponsorship will be extremely appreciated as we really do need your help and support here and now to free John Ford immediately! Here is a wonderful opportunity for you, me and the next door neighbor to step up to the plate and do something real for a fellow citizen in need.

donate today to the John Ford Initiative Relief Fund

Please note: All payments are made securely and privately through PayPal. You can safely make your donation using either your own PayPal account or with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck. No registration is necessary and a confirmation of your financial contribution will be sent to you by email. All donations go directly towards The John Ford Initiative Relief Fund to assist with John Ford's legal representation, attorney fees and court fees that have been incurred in order to retain the rather important and much needed legal services of his defense attorney, Steven A. Metcalf of the law firm Metcalf & Metcalf.

Advocates & Supporters

The people whose efforts put the John Ford Initiative front and center in their daily lives.

James Bartley
Bill Birnes
Nancy Birnes
Errol Bruce-Knapp
Marilyn Carlson
Richard Carlson
Bob Charles
Michael Christol
Jerry Cimisi
George Dickson

Elaine Douglass
Kelly Freeman
Salvatore Giamusso
Steven J Iavarone
Isaac Koi
Alfred Lehmberg
Mike MJ Lucas
John Marafino
Peter Moon
Preston B Nichols
Jackie Perkins

Greg Pursino
Janet Russell
Japhy Ryder
Joel Shapiro
Linda Maria Smith
Richard William Smith
Leo Steel
Joanne Steele
Ken Storch
Tony West
Joe Zuppardo

Photo of John Ford courtesy of Joe Zuppardo, 1996.
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