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“A remarkable work… be prepared to have the cobwebs blown away and some light let in. Highly recommended.”

- Brian Allan, Editor-in-Chief, Phenomena Magazine

“One of the most valuable books ever written on the sun-kissed people of Earth. Richard Smith has outdone himself once again!”

- Cynthia Martin-El, Publisher, Noble 7 Publications

“In a world full of formula thrillers and tawdry examinations of celebrity gossip, Richard Smith's work is sorely needed. It's worth your time.”

- David J. Koukol, Artist, Hughes/Donahue Gallery

“This is a brilliant work Mr. Smith. Worth much more than gold.”

- Amazon Review

“Richard Smith definitely will put you on a ride when reading this book. It's great for anyone willing to learn with an open mind.”

- The Sufi Mystic

“OMG! After you read this book, you will never be the same!”

- EwaOluwa Bawela El

“Consistently engrossing… resonates powerfully with the state of the world… the reason things are the way they are.”

- Brian Allan, Editor-in-Chief, Phenomena Magazine

“Excellent information, very good read, provided clarity.”

- Amazon Review

“GREAT READ!! A true planetary wake up call. Can't wait for the next book.”

- Donna Seico

“It is truly an epic story of what is going on with this planet. I read it on one night. I could not put it down!”

- Cynthia Martin-El, Publisher, Noble 7 Publications

“Great Book! Would suggest this to all folks interested in the history of our planet.”

- Van Novat, Owner, Divine Luxury Soaps

“This book was well written and kept me very intrigued. It was a pleasure to read. Thank you Richard!”

- Mike 'MJ' Lucas, Producer, Inception Radio Network

“Smith is truly passionate and the reader can feel the heat coming off the pages… a thoughtful and powerful work that is well worth your time.”

- David J. Koukol, Artist, Hughes/Donahue Gallery

“Bravo! This book kept me at the edge of my seat at every turn of the page. Be prepared to be blown away with THE TRUTH!”

- Linda Ruiz de Zarate-Smith El, Co-Founder, 11:22 Creative Design

“I had a hard time putting down the book! I was so captivated… a real page turner!!!! This book delivers so much information on topics that I didn't know even existed!!!! It is truly a masterpiece!!!”

- Kendra Nicole, Media Host, The Goddess Suite

“Illuminating! Give yourself the time and space to explore the scope of this book that rings true…”

- Steve Walters, United Kingdom

“Powerful personal insights… a prophetic harbinger of belief in higher, deeper purposes.”

- Ruth Solomon, Author, Protectors of the Realm

“Amazingly engaging!! Edge of your seat intensity. Looking forward to the next installment! Great job Richard Smith!!!”

- Linda Ruiz de Zarate-Smith El, Co-Founder, The Human Origins Foundation

“Disturbing, challenging, surrealist, controversial… this book will shock and stretch the reader's mind in many directions.”

- David Taub, Author, Language of Souls

“Smith explores, confronts and questions the unexplained with pained honesty. His candor shows true courage.”

- Joan Carra, Mystic Pop Magazine

“A scintilating wake-up call!!! You will go away enriched by the experience. Smith deserves a much wider audience.”

- David J. Koukol, Artist, Hughes/Donahue Gallery

“Good-on-ya mate. Thank you for being an inspiration!”

- Dianne, Australia

“Like passing through all the heights and depths of a great mountain range at lightspeed... it reads like a versified new gospel for the 21st century.”

- Ruth Solomon, Author, Protectors of the Realm

“Your work is outstanding… the world should know about it.”

- Marilyn Rubens, Editor, AAER Center

“Your paintings are very intriguing… it really means something to me. I want to thank you for everything.”

- Samantha Civco, Student, E. O. Smith High School

“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Awesome story and information… opening vast new vistas in my life.”

- Pata Thomas

“After viewing the images you've created, I feel more empowered and more vocal.”

- Shel, an awakened Aurora

“I have learned something from you! Puzzle pieces are falling into place about who I am… what all our lives are really about… it all fits into the past of planet Earth and its children. You are truly a great teacher!”

- Robin Hodge
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the moor, the mason and the alien a call to action by richard smith
legions of light armies of darkness by richard smith

Human origins Current affairs. Ancient astronauts. Official First Contact.
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