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Linda Smith is an author, experiencer, and Official First Contact advocate bridging the narrative on hybrid mothers, multigenerational contact, and extraterrestrial intervention. If you would like to book Linda as a speaker, consultant, or guest for your next conference event, talk show, news broadcast, or written article, please contact us at

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Who is this third-generation experiencer of alien contact?

the kings are coming newest book by author linda smith For the past 50+ years, Linda Maria Smith has been an extraterrestrial experiencer and is the author of The Kings Are Coming: A Multigenerational Intergalactic Odyssey, a biographical account of her and her family’s lifelong encounters.

Born in New York City, Linda grew up on Long Island in Uniondale and Freeport. Studying business at Long Island University’s C.W. Post Campus, she went on to work in the local public school district and has continued to work in education since 1998.

As a third-generation experiencer, Linda’s earliest recollection of any extraterrestrial contact took place at the age of three when she found herself face to face with two small beings standing in the hallway of her home. Linda’s family is no stranger to alien contact or UFO phenomena either. Her maternal grandmother, Florence, had an unexplained scoop mark on her leg since childhood. Her sister, Michele, had a first-time experience around the age of four and Linda’s children have had experiences spanning the last twenty-one years, making them the fourth generation in her family to have inherited what started with her grandmother and continued with her own mother, Ruth.

In 1994, Linda’s mother, Ruth, started openly showing an interest in UFOs, logging every sighting and experience she had for the next eleven years. Following Ruth’s suggestion, Linda started journaling shortly thereafter. As fate would have it, the combination of these two diary logs would eventually become the foundation of The Kings Are Coming.

the kings are coming linda maria smith

Currently, Linda is the cofounder of 11:22 Creative Design with her husband, Richard. Working professionally as an Executive Administrative Assistant and Human Resources Associate for 20+ years, Linda serves on the HOA Board of Directors for the North Hills community of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, and the Executive Committee for the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum.

A mother of four children and grandmother of six, Linda currently resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with her husband, Richard Smith, who is also an extraterrestrial experiencer. Working on her next book, she has been speaking worldwide with author events, interviews, seminars, and conferences.

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quote Synchronicity with UFOs and extraterrestrials within the family structure gives light to the genetic intervention on behalf of unknown visitors. Linda Smith eloquently documents the amazing adventures she shared with her mother, Ruth, and others including the conception and departure of one of her twins to those unknown realms. Love between generations, partnerships, and strength to endure the hardships of abduction and the unknown is signified throughout this book. It gives hope to continue forward in all they do and know that they are not alone.

- Mary Munoz and Hannah Thoresen, Signature of an Abductee: Guidebook to the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Through the Generations


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